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Staff profiles

We would like to welcome you to some of our staff.


Mrs. Rosy Joseph M.A., B.Ed.,
Academic Director
Mrs. Rosy Joseph has been Principal at Jayanthi Matric Higher Secondary School for three years. She has 26 years of teaching experience and now she is the Director for Jayanthi group of Institutions and her specialist subject is English.

Mrs. Rosy Joseph is blessed with a son Sebastian Joseph M.B.A. In her spare time she enjoys being with children.
Mrs.V.Pushpalatha Kumar M.A.,B.Ed.,
Mrs. Pushpalatha has been Principal at Jayanthi Matric Higher Secondary School for one year and her specialist subject is English and Physics.

Mrs. Pushpalatha is blessed with 2 children pursuing their studies in school. She is an ardent thinker of student community
Mr. Pongiyappan M.Sc., B.Ed.,
Co-ordinator - HSC
This talented Head of the Department is nearly as interesting and complex as the Science subjects he teaches. With 5 years of experience, as a leader of Science departments, curriculum and acting deputy roles, he has brought to Jayanthi a plethora of experience and insight.
Mrs.K.Srimathi Srinivasan D.T.Ed.,B.A.B.Ed.,(English),M.A.B.Ed.,(Hindi)
Academic Co-ordinator
Mrs.Srimathi Srinivasan has a passion for teaching English and Hindi. She’s dynamic, trained and qualified. Being a master of good pedagogical techniques and proficient in the latest technology, she has been the Academic Co-ordinator for 5 years.
Mrs.Deiva Nayakam M.A., M.Ed.,
Deputy Head
Deiva , Head of English Department, brings a broad and interesting academic background to the classroom. She has completed a Master degree with Honours in English Language and Literature. She supports students community in holistic training.