Jayanthi School

Making Learn easy!


Jayanthi Matric Higher Secondary School is equiped with state - of - art Class rooms, Laboratorys, Library, Smart classes with plasma TV's, CCTV enabled security system, A/C school buses, R&D labs, Physical & fitness centre, 24 hrs purified hot & cold drinking water, hygiene seperate restrooms for boys and girls, Sports grounds, Digital audiotorim, Solar empowered hot water for in-campus students,Kids play area, etc.,

Class Rooms

Spacious class rooms in the size of 30 x 20 feet accomodates 30 students with 2 students in each desk being comfortably occupied. The rooms are well circulated with fresh air by multiple windows, which also help in exposure to sufficient sun light for natural lighting.


Physics Lab :

Equipped with Vernier Calliper, Micrometer screw guage,Spectrometer, Compass, Lens, Prisms, Resistance box, Rheostat, Pullys, Digital meters, Magnets, Transistors, etc., are some of a few to be named.

Chemistry Lab :

Equipped with Burners, Thermometer, different types of chemicals and salts, Retort stand, etc., are some of a few to be named.

Biology Lab :

Equipped with Dissecting set, Magnifier,Microscope, slides, Prepared slides, Projecter, Spatula, Anatomy of Human Brain, Eye, Ear, Heart, Kidney, Lungs, etc., are some of a few to be named.

Computer Science Lab :

Equipped with high end configuration machines and servers with dotmatrix, inkjet & laser printers, scanners, UPS for continous power supply, backup generator, approximately 500+ CD's and DVD's covering a vast area of knowledge topics, etc., are some of a few to be named.


  • Quality books around 7500+ covering various topics from Kinder garden to Higher Secondary.
  • Yearly, half yearly, quaterly, monthly & weekly magazines subscribed.
  • Daily news papers to get a coverage of day to day activity about the world.
  • Audio and Video Visuals with head phones.
  • Maps, Atlas, Globes, Charts, Game models, Pictural represantations.
  • Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries.

Smart Class

Digital class rooms with Interacive plasma TV's for students and teachers to get hands of the experiments digitally with different kinds of parameters. Brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside class rooms. Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes and makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.


Security System

CCTV's covering the entire campus and recording the data to specialized servers enables full security within the campus. Around 75+ cameras play their role in covering each individual class rooms, play grounds, verandas & stairs and the display of all cameras is constantly watched under the watch full eyes of school staff.


School Bus

In a Fleet of around 6 to 7 school buses take part in Pick up and Drop activity making easier for students to access the school. The available transport fleet covers major areas in and around Tirupur city, each covering an average distance of 25 to 30 Kilometers daily.The busses are occupied with trained drivers, attenders and assistiant staff to ensure safe landing of children at their door step.


R&D Labs

Children are born to invent. Their dreams should not be busted due to lack of facilities. To provide support to the dreams of children, special Research & Development labs exist to encourage effective and valuable ideas.



Physical and fitness centre

Well trained physical education staffs are available to coach students based on their skills. In support to the staff, equipments to support all kinds of games like football, hockey, cricket, volleyball, coco, batmition, tennis, shuttle, basketball, athelitics, javalion, etc., are available.




Basic needs of children , like purified drinking water - Hot & Cold, hygenic restrooms - seperate for boys & girls, Solar powered hot-water for in-campus students to overcome morning coldbath, etc., is available round the clock. These facilities are also extended to the staff of the school.



Sports Ground

  • Kids play area with slides, rider, seesaw, sandpit, trampoline, laders etc.,
  • Atlethics ground
  • Long jump pit
  • High jump soft landing bed
  • Coco poles, Volley ball & Throw ball poles
  • Batmition and shuttle poles
  • Cricket, Football & Hockey ground


    Digital audiotorim with a capacity of 700 seats is available to conduct meetings, functions, verbal and club activities.It has a well-equipped audio-visual room with computer, LCD projector, Plasma TV's, surround sound system and audio systems. It can be converted into as a conference hall, if needed.



    To maintain good relationship with students alone is not moto. We take responsibility to have close relationship with the parents by updating the child's status to each and every individual parent. The school keeps the parents informed of all important developments in the school as well as any change in the every day affairs of the school through SMS



    Power Backup

    Diesel power generator facility is been provided to avoid adhoc power cuts.Appart from the UPS facility, which supports short power cuts, these high power/capacity gensets help the labs, classrooms, audiotorim, conference halls, hostel, security system, etc., to function without interruption.